Blizzard Details Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4 Changes

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If you’re still keeping up with Diablo III  news, you’re probably happy that we’re finally getting some concrete details about the upcoming 1.0.4 patch. After 2 months of playing D3 I finally got tired of it a couple of weeks ago for various reasons, but I guess there’s still a few hundred players left that care.

Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng wrote a lengthy blog post on the official site with a preview of things to come. Below is a TLDR version:

  • Magic Find and Gold Find will no longer be averaged among players in group (you’ll get only your own)
  • Monster health in multiplayer games going down
  • Overall monster health going up (roll your eyes now)
  • However, Elite monster health will be going down slightly
  • Some monster affixes will be changed in unspecified ways; Invulnerable Minions removed
  • Damage of Skull Cleavers reduced (those skeletons that one-shot you every time)
  • iLvL 61 & 62 weapons will  have higher chances to get more damage to put it in line with iLvL 63 items
  • Dual-wielding and two-handed weapon damage will be adjusted to be somewhat equal
  • Elite monsters will no longer enrage or heal back to full health if you die
  • Repair costs on high-end items going down by 25%
  • Legendary items improved; no details yet
  • Some class skills and skill rune improvements; also no details given

All of these changes are really great and will improve the game in my opinion. But the thing is, why did it take Blizzard so many MONTHS to make this happen? The patch is supposed to hit the last week of August, which is over 3 months after the game was released. These changes are issues that players have been dealing with since day 1. The only thing Blizz has been quick to (hot)fix are various efficient farming methods and locations.

TLDR: Too little, too late.

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