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Since people always seem to fall for these scams, let’s check out one of them. Hopefully, at least one sucker will listen to me and not sign up.

I noticed a video today on Youtube which shows some scenes from various WotLK/Cataclysm trailers and such. According to the guy who uploaded it this is supposed to be the proof that Blizzard started sending beta invites. Obviously, there’s a link provided: If you’re dumb enough to visit this and think it’s actually the official website then you can just go ahead and give them your account details. In case you have second thoughts, there might be hope for you yet.

Whether you believe or not the beta has started is not relevant: despite the fact it’s early, it will start one day and even then you might fall for it if you don’t know about the types of scams just waiting to get you.

If you’re paranoid and don’t even want to visit the website, you can click the image below for a screenshot.

WoW Cataclysm Fake Beta Signup Page

Clearly the website is styled the same way as the official Blizzard’s WoW site. If it’s not obvious yet, anyone can copy the design. The number one thing which gives away fake websites is your browsers address bar: if it doesn’t show, it’s fake! Here’s a couple of examples of what spammers usually use for URL’s:


You get the picture. These are all fake url’s and can belong to anyone, but one thing is sure: they don’t belong to Blizzard.

It’s been said countless times, Blizzard employees will never ask for your account password (obviously, they already have it), and interestingly enough this website won’t ask you for one. All it asks for is your email and account name.

WoW Cataclysm Fake Beta Signup - Account & Email

After submitting your email and account name, you’re asked to provide a 60-day gamecard code:

WoW Cataclysm Fake Beta Signup - Gamecard

After that, you’re “successfully” signed up for the Cataclysm beta and redirected to the official Cataclysm website.

What did this site just accomplish? Let’s see:

  1. They stole your gamecard code.
  2. They got your account name and associated email.

Even though you don’t immediately receive any emails, a few months from now you’ll forget all about this fake site and when the beta does actually start you’ll probably receive an official-looking email saying you’re accepted and all that crap. After that you’ll probably be politely asked to give them your account password (not email or account name, just password), and more than likely many will fall for it.

Thanks to Guerillamail, I won’t be receiving spam in my mailbox. Clearly another downside of entering your email on such scammy and spammy websites.


If you do happen to get an email saying you’re selected to participate in Cataclysm beta, double — no triple check the links and don’t do anything unless you’re 100% certain it’s the official World of Warcraft website. Just because the links says, does not mean it leads there: check the HTML source of the received email and see where the link leads you (usually right-click and select View Source).

Don’t fall for these scams. There will be countless more in the days to come so stay alert and don’t click any links which don’t look authentic.

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