WoW Behind the Scenes

WoW Dog TagsThis bit of news which Blizzard always kept to themselves is certainly worth writing about. I’ve always wondered what kind of power (both manpower and machines) is required for nearly twelwe million players to enjoy this MMO, and now some of it is revealed.

During the GDC Austin, two developers talked about a lot of stuff like how the game came to be and all that, but here’s the interesting part:


  • Customer support: 2,056 game masters, 340 billing managers, and a host of other background staffers
  • 12,000,000 accounts
  • 900,000 web files (armory, online stores, …)
  • players have unlocked some 4,449,680,399 rewards
  • 66 “blue” posters on the forums
  • Licensing group within the company (handles novel publishing, comics, strategy guides, the upcoming WoW magazine, apparel, plushies, action figures, games)  helped to release 400 products with Blizzard properties.
  • 7,650 quests, 70,000 spells, 40,000 NPCs
  • 5.5 million lines of code


  • 20,000 computer systems
  • 13,250 server blades
  • 75,000 cpu cores
  • 112.5 terabytes of blade RAM
  • 1.3 petabytes of storage (1,300,000 GBs)

Now if that didn’t impress you then check your pulse. As one of the devs said, Operating an online game is about more than just game development.

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