Why PSN Network Hack is Good

Surely you already heard about the Playstation Network hack that happened a bit over a week ago. I usually don’t follow or write about any console news, but this one’s just too big to pass. Just in case you don’t know about it, basically what happened is the entire PSN got hacked and over 70 million user account details are now in someone’s hands. Sony was very late with telling its user base this piece of information which understandably causes a ton of outrage.

Personally I hate consoles. I’ve always been a PC gamer and I’ve never had a reason to switch to anything else. But what bothers me with consoles (much like Apple) is the fanboys which would cut their wrists for these game developers, publishers and whatnot. I hate the crappy console games later released for PC that have the same shitty interface and tons of bugs, just because consoles make more money. I hate their stance on piracy and the way they treat their customers, which most people for some reason fail to see. But I’m getting off topic here, and there is something good that may come out of this hack.

First, customers may now be more aware about the risks of giving away their credit card details to gaming companies. If it happened to Sony, it might just as easily (if not easier) happen to any other company. Use Paypal folks. Even though not all credit card info was stolen and most of that info will probably be unusable, there’s still a risk, not including potential identity theft issues that may arrise from all of this.

Another good part of this debacle is that some of these console players might go back to PC gaming, hopefully making gaming companies realize that PC gamers do in fact still exist.

There is however a clear winner in all of this, and it’s Microsoft. They just released their quarterly earnings a couple of days ago which are really impressive. When Microsoft releases it’s Q4 earnings on July 21st, I’m sure we’ll see a significant increase in revenue from Xbox sales.

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