Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution Trailer

I’m a bit late with this trailer but it slipped under my radar. I’ve been a big fan of the original Deux Ex game released in 2000, and since then gone through it maybe a dozen times. Back then it was a work of art with its dialogue options, exciting gameplay and extremely good storyline. A few years later a sequel was released which was unfortunately pretty bad, especially considering how everyone had such high expectations.

At this years E3 a new trailer has been released and I must say I’m impressed. This third game is build as a prequel so if you don’t know the story from previous two games it doesn’t really matter. in Human Revolution take on the role of Adam Jensen, a security specialist working for a major corporation, Detroit-based Sarif Industries, that specializes in cybernetic modification. The year is 2027, a quarter century before the events of the first game, and the nanotechnology from the original still hasn’t been fully developed. Instead, people affix mechanical augmentations to themselves to enhance perception and combat abilities.

Surrounding this issue of transhumanism is an element of civil unrest as citizens swarm the streets of Detroit to protest the practice of modification. Like Deus Ex, it’s a world of conspiracy where you’ll never be sure who to trust, something you’ll run into quite a bit while engaging in the game’s conversation system and while pressuring in-game characters for information.

While it’s common for trailers not to have much to do with actual gameplay, I’m hoping Eidos will put as much work in the game as they did for this trailer. In case they do, we might just be looking at one of the hottest games next year. Release date is most likely in February 2011.

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