ArcheAge: Another Fail MMORPG?

I just recently found about about this game called ArcheAge. It’s being developed by XL Games, a Korean studio, so we pretty much already know what to expect. I’ve witnessed the downfall of Aion Online before (ArcheAge lead developer worked on Aion), and I’m keeping track of the progress of another upcoming Korean title Tera Online, which looks promising. However, when games like SWTOR will probably fail, what chances do Tera and ArcheAge have?

From what I’ve been able to gather TERA Online brings absolutely nothing new to the genre and you might as well just go play Aion, it’s probably a lot better now than Tera will be in quite awhile. ArcheAge however suffers from different issues. I do in fact think the game will be decent (not good, just decent), but whether it can be a serious hit depends on a lot of things. Let’s look at ArcheAge’s features first:

  • Huge world map
  • Dynamic environment
  • Mass PvP (100+ people)
  • Player housing
  • Crafting & production
  • Adjustable interface
  • Mounts (eg. horses)
  • Naval warfare
  • Persistent World

Naval warfare: Darkfall. Mounts: no need to go there. Crafting: what game doesn’t have crafting (in one form or another. Mass PvP = huge lag and FPS issues. Dynamic environment & persistent world: yeah sure, every game says that. Player housing: completely useless. Adjustable interface: wow that’s a new one. Huge world map: alright, as long as it’s not just copy/pasted terrain.

Can you really now tell me this game is revolutionary as many claim it to be? I didn’t think so. The good thing is that it runs on CryEngine 3, which has ridiculously good graphics, but on the other hand tons of players probably won’t even be able to play this game above 30 FPS, and it will be pretty much unplayable in PvP. Age of Conan had great graphics too, and look where it got them: maybe 10,000 subscribers. Rift doesn’t seem to have farted yet and is in fact doing quite well even one month after the release.

It’s still early to even tell how Rift is going to turn out, much less about TERA or ArcheAge, but I simply think all these new upcoming games need to offer a bit more than good voiceovers and fancy graphics.

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