Amazing SWTOR Return Trailer Revealed

I’ve seen a lot of trailers for numerous games so far and even shared some of my favorites with you, but this one is definitely far better than anything I’ve ever seen so far.

I’ve been following the development and progress of Star Wars: The Old Republic for quite some time now, and even tried snagging a beta key. I must admit that from all the news and stuff nothing has got me as excited for the game as this trailer. It’s incredibly well done, and if it doesn’t make you want to play the game then you’re a lost cause. Watch it below!

SWTOR is a very anticipated game that hopefully won’t disappoint millions of fans that will surely buy it, regardless of reviews. We don’t know the exact release date yet: there’s a lot of speculation and random bits of info but nothing concrete yet. Hopefully it’ll be announced soon, and with any luck we’ll be playing The Old Republic this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

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